We Filipino electric consumers are being punished by high cost of power that is depriving us and our families of our hard earned income for the other basic necessities like food, education, and shelter. Our power cost is so high that our beloved Philippines is no longer considered competitive for manufacturing and business, thus denying us more employment opportunities.

Even the call center industry is complaining about the 25% higher cost of electricity in the Philippines and has been staying and growing in the country only because of the compensating higher productivity and effectiveness of the Filipino workforce, the same Filipinos that are being overcharged with electricity.

Unless we do something now to correct this anomalous power costs, we will have even higher monthly bills and be headed towards a disaster. How long can we stand being overcharged?

The high power cost is a result of misguided rules and rulings, neglected consumer protection, crooked market practices, adulterated Epira Law and its implementing rules, and inadequate strategic policy direction.

MSK (Matuwid na Singil sa Kuryente) has been formed by concerned Meralco consumers who have deep knowledge of the electric power industry privatization and deregulation and the inner workings of the industry. It will seek to enlighten the public and policy makers on the specific rules and practices that have been causing the abusive power costs.

Matuwid na Singil sa Kuryente Consumer Alliance Inc. (MSK) is duly registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission since 18 November 2011. It intervened in an P11 billion charge being proposed by NGCP and caused the deeper review of the charges that are not fair to the Luzon consumers. There are many more unfair charges to consumers that need to be stopped or changed.

MSK will work for changes in rate setting rules, in power supply contracting, in the protection and safeguards for consumers, in market domination and anti-monopoly rules, in the promotion of competition, and in pass on charges to the consumers including the wholesale electricity spot market structure.

The giant money making power fraternity are working hard to prevent changes in the rules that enable them to exploit the market and us the consumers. They are trying to tell us that the current EPIRA Law is good and that the high cost of electricity is actually reasonable. Power generation is on its way to dangerous monopolization and more negotiated sweetheart contracts.

Automatic Memberships We consumers must all band together to speak as one so that our voices can be heard and our rights be recognized and respected for fair and reasonable electric charges.

You as individuals and businesses that consume electricity are entitled to be heard and are automatic members of the MSK.

Register now so we know how to send information to you. Registration is free and no membership dues.

As a registered member, you will receive information on the power industry and the initiatives that MSK will be undertaking to correct the anomaly and eliminate one by one the causes of the overcharges in power costs. You will be provided a forum to voice out your concerns and rights.

Our generation has already allowed itself to be abused by these electricity overcharges and allowed the country to become uncompetitive. Will we not do anything to save our children from suffering the same fate?

We must act now and work for reforms before it is too late. If not us, who? If not now, when? Register now for free membership.